26 weeks tomorrow… and celebrating every day I’m still pregnant!

Baby will be 26 weeks tomorrow. Another step closer to being fully developed. Last Thursday was a big day at work. I drank over 64 ounces of water and figured baby was tired just like me. I woke up once in the middle of the night to do what I usually do in the middle of the night (emptying some of the 64 ounces) and he moved a little, not much, but a little. In the morning, I walked the dog, had my normal breakfast of cereal with milk and a glass of orange juice, and began my drive to work… all without feeling any movement from our babe. After consulting with my mother, I called the on-call physician who advised I go straight to the hospital to get things checked. A quick stop at work to get things prepped and off I was to the hospital, Labor and Delivery to be exact for decreased fetal movement. Emotions were so high. I was so afraid. It was not time yet.

I hadn’t pre-registered yet, so now that paperwork is done. I hadn’t toured the hospital, so now I know where to go. I was so not ready and neither was baby. It turned out that I was dehydrated and as soon as I got some water and monitors attached, he started attacking the monitor as usual. 

Lesson learned. Stay hydrated. Take it easy. When in doubt, get some protein and water and lay down on my left side in a quiet room to focus on his movements. 

Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers. He has quite a support system already!

24-week appointment

Beginning at 125 lbs., losing 5 lbs., and steadily gaining since about 9 weeks, the scale measured 142 lbs. today. The actual words out of my doc’s mouth were, “Did you really gain 12 lbs. in one month?” Yes. Yes, I did. As did my mother and my grandmother during their pregnancies. :) That being said, she reassured me that my total weight gain is totally within reason. I’m certainly not worried.

Baby boy was moving all around during the doppler exam to hear his heart beat. Just as she ask my hubby if he was able to feel the movements, too, the doppler was kicked by our feisty boy!

I had one question that went unanswered. Why am I losing hair? There is a good deal of hair in the drain after I shower and another large amount in the sink when I’m done drying my hair. Today, putting the bed sheets in the wash, I noticed the amount of my hair on the sheets… and they were just washed a week ago. The doc suggested we test my thyroid at the next appointment at the same time blood is drawn for the glucose test. Other than that, she figures I could just be the one who breaks the standard thick, voluptuous hair during pregnancy rule.

All in all, I can’t complain. This wiggly one appears to be healthy and that is all that matters to us. Lots of love to all of you!

22 weeks

Just feeling so thankful to be pregnant. So happy to finally be here. I certainly hope an easier path to pregnancy for everyone who wants to have a family, but I’m forever amazed and thankful that research and resources were available to give us this opportunity. 

Lots of kicks and movement. I even caught a bit on video!