How do YOU wait?

In the middle of the IVF/FET wait…. trying not to drive myself crazy. 

What do YOU do when you wait?

How do you keep yourself from fixating on it?

The Verdict

The results are in…. all four embryos are genetically normal.


Biopsy & Freeze, Day 6

We have one more frozen embryo! Our fourth embryo turned into a great blastocyst today, so they added another to our three. We will have results from our biopsies in the next couple weeks. They will call us once they get emailed results from the testing center.

Here is the “play-by-play” from Trigger Day to Day 6:

Trigger Day: 32 follicles larger than 9mm

Egg Retrieval: 17 eggs retrieved, 14 are mature

Day 1: 13 fertilized

Day 3: 8 looked good, 1 didn’t cleave

Day 5: 3 good blasts, 3 early blasts, 1 compacted morula

Day 6: 1 good blast (plus 3 frozen blasts from day 5)

Biopsy & Freeze, Day 5

And then there were three. We have three biopsied and frozen embryos!

There are a few others that are a little behind, so we will get a report on them tomorrow. 

Even though I was hoping for a bigger number, I am thrilled that we had some make it to biopsy and freeze! Now, we pray for good results from the biopsies. We won’t know for a few weeks, but we can rest easy knowing that we have given our all to get to this point. Our three frozen embryos can rest well until May when we get to visit again.