Tomorrow is DD Day

Tomorrow would have been my due date. We will remember baby Drew every year on this day. I am sad to think of where we would have been right now had everything gone the way we expected with our first pregnancy. I am disappointed and frustrated that we don’t get to celebrate a birth day tomorrow.
I haven’t been able to believe this with all my heart until now, but I know that we will be blessed with a baby when the time is right and that it will happen according to God’s plan. We are certainly on the right path to add a child to our family and we are ready to move forward. I have faith that if we can make it through this hurdle, our marriage can survive anything, and we will better parents for the struggles we endure.
Though it seemed impossible at one time, I love my husband more now than ever before. I have a much greater appreciation of his true character and for the depth of his love for me. God truly blessed me when He brought my husband into my life.

Baby Shower

Went to a baby shower today. I wasn’t sure how it was going to go, but it was so good to see the expectant momma and she was so happy! The love she has for her baby already!

I also found myself checking out all the things people were giving her – many I’d never seen before. I felt like I was getting a lesson on “things babies need” and “useless stuff people think babies need.” Either way, it was fun to celebrate with everyone.

Of course, more than a few times, people said “this will be you soon”…  If only they knew, next Tuesday was my due date. I didn’t know if I was going to be able to be surrounded by all this baby stuff so close to my baby’s birthday, but I was happy to be there today. I only pray that it WILL be me soon!


It seems that I am not to have any control or plan how anything will go in this process. Today, I showed up early for my hysteroscopy as I was required to do. I provided the urine sample as required, undressed, waited in the exam room with my husband as I was instructed.
Then, the nurse returns and says there is a change of plans. The sample I provided was for a pregnancy test they always do before a hysteroscopy and it showed a faint line on the test.
Yes, I just had a normal period. Yes, I’ve been temping and it dropped as expected right before said period.
So, off to do a blood test and wait for results. Hysteroscopy cancelled.

Three hours later, test is negative (of course) and now I need to reschedule.

I’m reminding myself to breathe, pray, and smile. The surprises are endless.

A breath of fresh air!

We met with a new doctor at a new clinic and it has been so positive already. I understand that confidence in your work doesn’t necessarily mean that you will have success, but it sure provides more hope than dwelling on the negative. I’m so glad we made the change. The new doc. expressed his concern with the lab used for the AMH testing which would explain why my result was 1.0 last October, 1.1 that November, and 0.93 this August – it shouldn’t go up. I had blood drawn yesterday to repeat tests that I had done just a few weeks ago as well as a resting follicle count (which was 17 – up from the 13/14 that the other clinic found a few weeks ago). Monday, I will have a hysteroscopy, a scope to check out my uterus and make sure there is no septum to cause pregnancy complications. If that is all clear, we will move forward with a letrozole IUI cycle next month. 

Finally, a breath of fresh air!