…and all is well. All blood tests so far have showed estradiol and progesterone doing what they should. No change to the meds. A little bloated but feeling good. 

Next blood test is Thursday and that is our first beta. I don’t really want to know the results. I want to wait instead until Sunday, but I’m not sure who to ask about that. I don’t suppose it really matters either way. I’ll probably just find out on Thursday anyway.

So much love has come our way. So many prayers and thoughts are with us. Thank you! We feel it!

2dp5dt (two days past a five day transfer)

The PIO is not so bad anymore.. yes, I said it. I actually don’t have to hobble around all day long after the injection. My method is to ice before and heat after. The last two days I haven’t even needed the heat. It seems that the ice takes away most of the pain of the stick so my muscle doesn’t cramp up and cause the pain-induced hobble. I don’t ice very long and I only ice the injection site, not the whole muscle. PIO is no longer my enemy.

Our embryo is 5BB (6AA would be the very best rating) and one of those letters meant it was hatching out, which is a good thing. The transfer was smooth most likely due to the skillful foresight of our doc and his abilities to do an on-the-spot adjustment after our trial embryo transfer months ago. That, and he’s evidently just really good at what he does. My acupuncturist met with us before and after for treatments at the clinic. I even fell asleep during the after transfer treatment. Husband may have laughed a little that I fell asleep. He sat by my side through the acupuncture and the transfer. Our embryologist was very complimentary of the quality of our embryo. I am simply amazed that the crew at our clinic is so good at what they do!ImageImage

My parents have been amazing. They have been able and willing to do whatever they can to help me sit on my rear as much as possible. Every little pinch, twinge, (you name it), calls to my worry-wart self, but good movies, great food, and lots of multi-tasking (movies with food and playing on the computer/iphone) have helped distract me.

My husband has been consumed by his work commitments. For example, he worked over 80 hours last week alone. In the time he has been with me, he has been kind and understanding, supportive and encouraging. I know that his thoughts and prayers are with me even while he is at work. I just can feel that he is with me.

Prayer. I can’t say enough about it. Thank you to all of you who are praying and sending us positive thoughts and energy. 

We feel very blessed. Praising God.

3 days to FET

All in a day:

band rehearsal – check;

homemade breakfast burritos for lunch – check;

acupuncture – check;

pedicure with a good friend and coworker – check;

oh yeah, and lots of meds – check.

My transfer time caused complications for the acupuncture treatment at the clinic, so other schedules were manipulated to accommodate my transfer time, then my time changed and schedules had to be adjusted again. I had everything ready at work, then somebody cancelled on me and I’m still working to find a replacement. I have faith that it will all work. It always does. It might not be exactly the way I originally planned it, but we’ll get there. We’ve come this far and we aren’t stopping here. Life is good. We are good. PIO sucks, but that’s not new news. I just hobble around really unattractively at the moment and it gives us something to laugh at.


FET is a go!

Lining was at 8.6 and they like to see it greater than 8, so we are on for our FET (frozen embryo transfer) next Tuesday! HCG trigger shot today will be followed by some boosters along the way over the next 10 days. Estradiol level tested today, too.

I asked the nurse today to draw some circles on my “hips/buttocks” where we should be aiming for the PIO shots “because I’m a bit of a control freak and for my peace of mind.” She just laughed and grabbed a marker. So we will be tracing those for the next few weeks at least. 

Our clinic is amazing. I LOVE our doctor. He met with us yesterday and gave us some perspective that we didn’t have before. We are both feeling good about where we are and I’m finally letting myself get a little excited. 6 days!

Side effects?

The allergies have got me down. If I hadn’t already been to the doctor weeks ago, I would swear that I have a sinus infection. so. much. drainage. I think it’s seasonal. That’s what I’m hoping. 

I have had headaches off and on, body aches, and extreme drowsiness. This morning, I woke up and feel/look more bloated than the previous weeks. I have found that it is easier and less agitating to sit down and lean forward as well as exhale when I do the injections. 

All in all, the side effects have been nearly nothing. I keep telling myself that this is just a short amount of time in the long run. Tomorrow, we meet with our doc to help us make a decision about putting one or two embryos back. The next day, I have bloodwork and an ultrasound to check the lining. The following day, acupuncture with another treatment this weekend. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. If all goes well, PIO shots start this week, too. 

8 days to FET!

Thank you. I needed that.

I didn’t respond to your messages, but I have to tell you how much I appreciated knowing that I am not alone in my “evil clone” issue. Things are looking up.

I’m starting to get itchy, pink skin around my lupron injection sites. It goes away before my next injection, but the first shots didn’t cause any reaction at all. Interesting.

I’ve enjoyed reading about so many other successes, but lately, those blogs have gone quiet. I hope all is well and they are just blissfully enjoying their pregnancies as they should be.

I go in for bloodwork, ultrasound, and a doppler on Monday, then start the vivelle and estrace. Counting down! 17 days to FET!