16 weeks

We are both doing well at 16 weeks. A sore throat and itty bitty fever (it doesn’t register as a fever for anyone else, but since my temp is rarely above 98, I know that 98.9 is a little fever) has caused some worry these past few days, but I’m aware of it and prepared to call the doc if it becomes a real fever. Other than that, we are feeling well and enjoying the maternity clothes (especially pants). 

14 weeks and a heartbeat on home doppler

I wasn’t going to post anything more until our next appointment, but I was so excited to hear our little one’s heartbeat at home! I tried once before at 13 weeks and had no luck, but easily found it yesterday. I didn’t listen for long, but I was able to share the moment with my husband, and that made our day. 

Sending all of you wishes and prayers for tiny things to make your day, too!