34 weeks 5 days

I finally asked the doc how big she thought our lil man is and she estimates around 5.5 lbs. Yay! His heart sounds great, blood pressure is good, tummy measures a little over 33 cm. The doc also confirmed my suspicion that he is head down with his back on my left and arms and legs on my right. I can’t wait to meet this little guy but I certainly hope he stays where he is until he is all ready to join this crazy world!
We are still working on a name, but we both feel we will know his name when we see him! Next appointment in two weeks, then every week past that!

32 week appointment (now almost 33 weeks!)

The 32 week appointment earlier this week was another “all-clear” with weight at 152, baby’s heartbeat in the 150’s, and belly measuring 32 cm.

He gets hiccups twice a day or more often, usually once in the morning and once before bed. Feet are swelling by the end of the day, but not to the point of concern.. at least not yet. With about 7 weeks left, I should expect this, right? I will be pulling out my compression socks for our Christmas travels and I might be purchasing an extra pair for the remainder of work. We’ll just see how things go.

Nope. We don’t have any name picked for baby just yet. We have a number of acceptable names, but not just one yet. We do tell people we’re strongly leaning toward “Angus MacGyver”…. and then we wait for their response (usually a somewhat pained, frozen facial expression) and then we explain that we’re just joking. 

Super excited! Just about 7 weeks away from meeting this little man!

Almost 31 weeks (30 weeks 6 days)

Belly measures 31 cm. Weight 150, up 25 lbs. from pre-pregnancy. When I count his kicks, he gets 20 in much less time than the 2 hours allotted. I usually only count kicks for 15-20 minutes. Numbers from all the tests are good news as well. Baby boy still kicks the doppler when the doc tries to listen to his heart! Everything looks and sounds good!

I did fall prey to a cold virus, so that’s my current battle. I’ve been making chicken soup like it’s going out of style and drinking hot water with honey and lemon. I found some “Baby Rub” from the VapoRub company, so I’m hoping that does the trick to open my sinuses so I can close my mouth when I sleep tonight.

The countdown has begun. We are under 10 weeks until our baby is due! I’ve been feeling great (other than this cold virus) and I’m so thankful we’ve made it here, with our baby, regardless of my diagnosis. I strongly feel that we are only here because God made it so, and because we’ve had the love and support of so many people along the way.

This past weekend, we were gifted with lots of snuggly, loving items for our nursery. All of them are still hanging out on the floor of the nursery/office since my cold has set in and we are still lacking a bookshelf which will provide much needed storage. I suppose we should empty all our toys out of the closet and use that space more appropriately, too.

My hubby also noticed this last weekend that my profile follows the same line. The belly has surpassed a bump. See! And yes, my wedding ring has been too tight for my ring finger for a few months already. It resides on a chain around my neck and, occasionally, on my pinky finger. : )