10 out of 10 and some kind percocet

Hysteroscopy and laparoscopic surgery was yesterday morning. It took 90 minutes for the actual procedure and my doc reported that it was a 10 out of 10. Going in, he made us aware that we could be looking at possibly a second or third surgery following this one and that we might not even get enough area cleared to insert the stent to keep the uterus open while healing. So 10 out of 10! That’s pretty awesome.

I have an inch-long incision at my belly button, another inch-long incision in my bikini area and two very small incisions at the bikini line. The balloon stent feels a little funny, but is not causing any pain or cramping. My belly button incision is most bothersome, probably because it is bending more than the others and sitting, leaning, everything requires that poor little area to move. Percocet is my friend right now. I know I won’t be on it long and I keep trying to stretch the doses, but it’s nice to not be miserable.

The other report from my wonderful doc, along with some pretty fantastic pictures, is that we might not need another surgery. If we do, it would just be to clean it up and could be done in the office (without the laparoscopic part) as a hysteroscopy! Woo hoo.

Okay, not too much “woo hoo”ing. These incisions aren’t a fan, but all is well here on the road to recovery.