7 weeks 1 day


“There’s something there.” I actually said this today. I held my breath during the ultrasound and it wasn’t until she said we were measuring right on track and heard/saw the heartbeat (141) that I finally admitted, there is actually something there!

Just Breathe

I have to keep reminding myself just to breathe and be happy. We are where we are because so many people have been thinking about, praying for, and sending us positive wishes. We are so blessed to have arrived at the positive home pregnancy test and have it affirmed through blood tests. We are so happy.

I am also so worried. Afraid. Scared to be hopeful.

I started having heart-racing/heart palpitation moments not too long after our FET. Some days, I have a dozen or more and some days only a handful. I guess it happens. Okay, good, but if it increases in frequency, I’m told to make an appointment with my general doc.

I was also notified that smoothies made for our staff a month ago contained frozen berries recalled due to a hepatitis A investigation. Yes, I consumed a large smoothie and enjoyed it very much. I haven’t had any symptoms that I know of, but it doesn’t appear there is much that can be done at this point anyway. Whew.

Next week, I have a three-day conference in the mountains and totally didn’t even think about the elevation being a concern. The recommendation is to stay under 10,000 and the conference is around 9,800, even though I have to drive up further to get back down to the conference location. The IVF nurse says it should be fine as long as I’m not exercising, hiking, biking, and that sort of thing. Sitting in conferences should be a-okay. Okay.

I’m honestly trying. Trying not to panic. Trying to be positive. Sending our embryo all the love I can through the day and every time I wake up at night. Just breathing.

5 weeks … and test results. I just had to test.


Due to the hCG boosters I was prescribed, I was told “no home pregnancy tests” because the hCG from the boosters would still be in my system. Knowing that the test would be positive, I began testing at 6 days past our transfer. The line didn’t fade away. It grew darker.


12dp5dt: 113 to 459

Doubling time about 36 hours! 9 days past a 5 day transfer 113; 12 days past 459

We are pregnant! Just barely, but oh so thrilled.

We’ve got a long road ahead, but even getting this far is a huge deal for us.Thank you all for your many thoughts, prayers, positive energy, and understanding. 

Time to order more medication : )