Another Day One

Yesterday was the beginning of another cycle for me. No home pregnancy test needed.

I made contact with my IUI monitoring nurse and she forwarded my message onto the IVF nurses. They should be contacting us this next week.

Onward we go!

Update: We have an appointment with our doc, but not until the very end of this cycle. That means this cycle is all on our own – no ovulation tests, no blood tests, no pills, no injections, no transvaginal ultrasounds – whatever am I going to do with all my time! Ha.

Another update: We were able to get in to see our doc last week because someone else cancelled. Today, I heard back from our IVF nurse and we have a better idea of our timeline. It looks like our IVF cycle is going to be about four months long, lots of meds, lots of cash (of course). Doing my best to not freak myself out…. : )

…. and wait a week.

My last luteal hcg shot was today and my belly is glad to be at a distance from needles for a while. The hcg shots are giving me all the pregnancy symptoms (especially nausea and potty trips this time), which is just a cruel joke, but if it works, it will be amazing.
Now, I wait 8 days before I can even test… waiting… boo. It looks like I’m in good company as many of us are waiting right now.
You’re all in my thoughts, no matter for what it is you are waiting. Peace and comfort to you!

An IUI cycle with Injectables

One IUI cycle with letrozole and injectables looks like this:

Day 2: Transvaginal Ultrasound & blood tests
Day 3: Letrozole pills
Day 4: Letrozole pills
Day 5: Letrozole pills
Day 6: Letrozole pills
Day 7: Letrozole pills
menopur shot foronemenopurshot

Day 8: menopur shot

Day 9: menopur shot

Day 10: Transvaginal Ultrasound & blood test
hcg trigger shot foronehcgshot

Day 11: IUI

Day 13: luteal hcg foronelutealhcgshot

Day 16: luteal hcg

Day 19: luteal hcg

Day 28: Home Pregnancy Test

Please don’t…

When someone is struggling with infertility and/or miscarriage, please don’t say things like

“Everything happens for a reason.”

“It’s for the best.”

Anything with “at least” at the beginning.

“God has a plan.” “It’s in God’s time.” (or anything that implies that God caused this)

“Just be patient.” “Just relax.” “Just adopt.” “Just stop trying. That’s when it happens.”

None of this helps the pain or grief. The only thing that was a comfort to me was the acknowledgement of the pain and suffering, that this situation really sucks, it is awful and that no one should ever have to lose their baby (no matter what their age may be). Someone actually said, “I’m sorry. I don’t know what to say.” and they listened instead. They listened to me talk about my world, my hopes and dreams for my child as they came crashing down, and I will forever be grateful.

To everyone who is in this place of infertility and/or miscarriage, I am so sorry you have to endure this. This is a miserable, awful, no good life experience. No one should have to go through such a loss. I am so sorry for your pain. I don’t expect that you will EVER “get over” this nor should you. I think of you and your babies before I lay my head down every night. I only wish you and yours all the happiness this world can afford every day forward.

IUI #2 Again!

Here we go! Day 3 of this cycle.
5mg Letrozole days 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 in the A.M.
75 units Menopur days 7, 8, 9 in the P.M.
Ultrasound on day 10, hopefully followed by HCG trigger and IUI then BFP, right? That’s how the plan goes… right?

P.S. Anybody else have night sweats and trouble sleeping leading up to a new cycle? I’m also wondering if I’m losing more hair than normal. My estrogen has been really high (95 yesterday). Maybe that’s a cause? Anybody else? Ideas? Should I be asking my doc about this? I suppose so.

Maybe I’m weird…

…but I miss reading about those babies. You know, those people who struggled so to conceive and then, they finally do and they disappear. Their last post is “I’m Pregnant” and then… nothing.

Maybe they are still scared and just trying to focus on all the happiness they can.

Maybe they felt pain whenever they would read of others’ successful pregnancies.

Maybe they are just trying to avoid adding to the pain for other people.

Maybe I’m weird. I miss them. I honestly do wish them and their precious babies well.