Cancel that.

But not my girls’ weekend!

I’m torn right now, feeling that I should do this or shouldn’t do that.

Between my hubby and I, we’ve decided to postpone the FET until after the girls’ weekend trip. It’s not recommended to travel, especially when we are up against such odds as it is, so we are going to wait, again.

We are hoping and praying that an early to mid October transfer is the ticket.

As for now, we are off all meds, and crashing as usual.

Doing our best to keep swimming.

Don’t worry. Be happy.

(Prepare for TMI.)

I feel like I titled a post that before… Why can’t I actually DO that? I should be excited that we have our FET schedule. Instead, I’m annoyed that it keeps getting delayed. I’m concerned about traveling with all those needles and scripts. I keep thinking, “how can this possibly work? It feels like things are stacked against us!”

Oh, and I’m having a “fat day.”

But then I remember, we are here. We are HERE! In the past two and a half years, five surgeries and LOTS of hormone pills oral and suppositories in addition to injections and one failed FET, we are finally HERE, at another FET chance again.

So, tried something new by my choice this time: Nuvaring (because protocol requires me to be on birth control regardless of the fact that I have literally no chance to get pregnant without extreme medical assistance). I gotta say, it’s nice to not need to take one more pill every day. If anything, I lean toward the sad side rather than “evil clone” side (brought to me and all those around me by “the pill”), so I’m good with that.

The next FET day is set for Sept. 20. Lupron starts next week. This FET cycle will involve Cialis, Pentoxifylline, Vitamin E, Folgard (or the equivalent), Doxycycline for me and hubby, estrace pills, progesterone injections, delestrogen injections, but no prednisone. Lovenox will be added after transfer and intralipid treatment will happen a few times before and after transfer. There will be many opportunities to sample my blood and view my insides on ultrasound, transvaginally. Of course, acupuncture will be a constant. I have visited her one a week since my most recent surgery in late April. I will see her twice a week in the month leading up to transfer and more often if needed. She is able to eliminate the crippling pain that accompanies the Cialis. She is able to help me manage the swings from hormones.

Acupuncture is my dose of “happy” in the rest of this mix.

Toddler snuggles and the same from my hubby are also a good dose of happy.

I got this. I got this. I got this. I can do this. I can do this. I can do this.

If you’d pray for us, that would help A LOT, too.