In Waiting…

My body miscarried O.P. naturally at 11 weeks. It all happened with extreme pain in about two hours. There were nasty cramps for about 30 hours before, but after it passed, I felt amazingly well. I’m sure it was a rush of endorphins from the extreme pain letting up and also from the knowledge of knowing that my body was able to begin moving forward.
It is three weeks, two ultrasounds, and two blood draw vials later. My hCG was 34,000 at 9 weeks, 4,000 at 11 weeks, and at 13 weeks it is just above 100 with some remaining tissue.
I am amazed at how my body is holding on. I hope this is a good sign for future pregnancies.

I have continued acupuncture and keeping up on my diet. I did splurge for a week, eating chocolates :) but I did my best to keep true to our ultimate goal. It will all be worth it.

I’m taking time to appreciate life. Each day, finding at least one thing to appreciate. For instance, seeding a hard-to-grow-grass spot in our yard.
All is well. Praying for patience.