38 weeks, 4 days – smooth sailing

Today, I opted out of the cervical check. My doc said it was more for curiosity sake than anything else at this point and after cramping for two days after last week’s check, I preferred to avoid that. I did, however, lose that thing they call the mucus plug after the two days of cramps following the cervical check last week, so that was interesting!

Guess what, I’m still gaining weight! Crazy! Weighed in at 158 today, up 33 lbs from pre-pregnancy and I’m totally good with that! My blood pressure was a little elevated at first check (130/70), but my doc checked again and it was just great at 118/70. She said I probably just needed a little more time to sit after getting into the exam room and I said “everything takes a lot of work right now” and she laughed. Belly measures 38 cm right along with our weeks and baby’s heart was good. I thought it sounded a lot stronger today‚Ķ maybe it was just a doppler with fresh batteries : )

Yesterday, I took a 2 hour nap that could’ve been longer, but I figured baby would appreciate some water and food. I also ate pretty constantly from that point on in the day. I’ve also been real short with my hubby and wonder if the anxiety of it all (including work) is beginning to take its toll. I still feel pretty good, so I hope the crabbiness passes quickly. My hubby does, too!

37 weeks 4 days and all is well!

Still feeling pretty good! Sleep is sometimes elusive, but I did get in a few 4-5 hour stretches of sleep during the night this past week. Now for the check-up: The group B strep test was negative, so that is good news! It means I won’t need antibiotics during delivery. Yay!

Baby’s heartbeat sounds good. Baby is measuring perfectly. Doc says I’m maybe 1 cm dilated and no more effaced than I was last time. All this is good news since it gives baby more time to plump up and may give me more time to wrap a few more things up at work.

Doc estimates baby is in the low 7 lb range right now, which is right on target from where she guessed he was three weeks ago (5.5 lbs, gaining .5 lb a week). At full term, he should be 8 lb something which I expected since I was 8 lb 12 oz and my hubby was 8 lb and a few ounces.

Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers for a healthy baby and wonderful pregnancy. We feel so blessed!

36 weeks, a fingertip and 50%

Today, we are 36 weeks and 4 days! My blood pressure was 117/76, weighed in at 156 (up 31 lbs), his heartbeat was in the 140s, my belly is measuring 36 cm, he is head down but not engaged, I am a fingertip dilated and 50% effaced! So many things to check on today. They did the strep B test and will have results next week. While doc was checking on me, she said I had a contraction! I had no idea. I guess I’m probably having contractions even thought I keep saying “no” when I’m asked at exams. I guess I don’t know what I should be feeling for in a contraction. So many things to learn!