33 weeks – polyhydramnios?

33 weeks and 1 day today, baby measuring 35-36 weeks except for his thigh bone which measures just a little over 33 weeks. Ultrasound tech estimates he is 5 lbs 7 oz. I’m up 34 lbs total, about 5 lbs since the last checkup. There is a lot of amniotic fluid. So much that it’s off the charts = polyhydramnios. Doc didn’t seem worried but the Google results are not very uplifting. I’m hoping all the sugar over the week-long Christmas and 17 plus hours in the car contributed to high amniotic fluid levels and all will be normal when I check in again in three weeks (or sooner if I’m miserable, which is what it sounds like I will be with all this extra fluid).

Anyone have experience with this? I’d love to hear your stories.

Just feeling big and tired over here. Got the Tdap shot so baby can benefit. I have one more week of winter break before I go back to my classes, then three shows before 39 weeks, so I’m hoping baby and body cooperate and none of the potential side-effects of polyhydramnios come to fruition.

6 weeks til 39 weeks!

AND just a week until I’m 36 years old.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

31 weeks today

Another OB appointment. All is well! Baby has a good heartbeat and belly still measures 4 weeks ahead (35).

I learned there is no reason to stop my low dose aspirin before delivery, so I shall keep on with that. Weight was 148 today around 4:30pm.

The bubbly or water drop feeling I’m having on my right side is probably a nerve stretching and sending funny signals to my brain.

That’s what I learned today!

Other than feeling big and tired, all is well.