Ready to name more babies!

Last week, I realized we had to name our baby. Yes, we called our baby “One Percent” because we were told that was our only chance to have a baby… but we really needed a name, at least I needed a name, to put on our ultrasound picture.

I was proud of how well we discussed our baby names. I actually thought it was fun and I look forward to naming more babies in the future! Through a little debate and narrowing it down to two gender neutral names, we finally chose “Drew.” I have a greater peace now and I can put our picture in the album as it is an important event in our lives together. I have no fear of someone asking about baby Drew. I have accepted that this is our situation and these life events have happened. I think I am finally finding reality again after the backspin I was thrown into last year with my low AMH diagnosis.

Life can and will go on. We will survive this. There are good great joys in store for us.