39 weeks, 4 days – our last week!

Today, we decided if Baby hasn’t arrived by my appointment next Monday, we will get some help to get things moving forward. This is our last week before we welcome our little guy home! We are so excited to meet him!

Last week, I had one more big event at work and my vehicle ate its transmission. This is the second transmission it has gone through and the cost to replace it is double the value of my vehicle… so we are loosely car-shopping, specifically for a good-sized, used SUV. Every one I find online is sold before we get to it. We actually test-drove a Tahoe we both loved but by the time we returned to the dealership, it was sold! I guess there is something better out there for us!

So, I’m stuck being dependent upon my hubby for any trips (to work, from work, to the store, anything) and it’s such a strange feeling. On the positive side, when Baby arrives within the next week, we will have a few weeks to find something we feel really good about.

Still feeling fantastic, pregnant, but fantastic! I’m loving every moment I get to carry this little man with me and don’t have to share him with anyone else. We have been waiting a long time to meet our little one and see our dreams in the flesh.

Any positive thoughts or prayers for Baby to arrive on his own power before Monday will be much appreciated. We’d love to avoid medical intervention, but we will accept the help we need without regret. Thank you for all the strength you’ve provided us through thoughts and prayers during our journey. I look forward to sharing his image, name, and birth story when the time comes.

Biopsy & Freeze, Day 5

And then there were three. We have three biopsied and frozen embryos!

There are a few others that are a little behind, so we will get a report on them tomorrow. 

Even though I was hoping for a bigger number, I am thrilled that we had some make it to biopsy and freeze! Now, we pray for good results from the biopsies. We won’t know for a few weeks, but we can rest easy knowing that we have given our all to get to this point. Our three frozen embryos can rest well until May when we get to visit again.

Fertilization Report, Day 1

So, promptly this morning we received a call from the embryologist. Of the 17 eggs retrieved, 14 were mature and injected (ICSI) with sperm. Of those 14, we had 13 fertilize.

We have 13 embryos today. 13!

Now comes the hardest part yet. The next five days are huge days. We will not hear from the embryologist again until day 5 when our embryos have been biopsied and frozen. I can worry about them all I want, but for today I am thinking of our lucky 13.