Not anovulatory, just late ovulation?

Well, that is more like it.

By my basal body temperature charting, I clearly ovulated on day 21 this month. Woah. It has never been past day 15 before.

I am very glad I did actually ovulate, not that it makes much difference in the end, I suppose, but something about actually ovulating makes me feel better, like I am not totally broke yet. (I meant to laugh at that, but it came out more like a cringe)


I looked it up. “A menstrual cycle in which one does not ovulate and oocyte.” Well, thank you. I actually wanted to know more about it – why does it happen? when will it end? is it possible to just have a reeeally long cycle and end up ovulating?
I just feel surprised that this would even happen. I have been taking my basal body temp. for over a year and this has not happened before. In the year before that, I kept track of each cycle length. I suppose it is possible that one of those could’ve been anovulatory, but they were all right around 28 days… I guess if this cycle is around 28, I will know it could happen and still be considered a “normal length.”
Still temping and it has gone up .7 degrees a few times only to fall back down the next day. Strange. I don’t know why, but every month I am hopeful that we will get the news we want and the end of each month leaves me hope crumbled. Now, I find myself hopeful again even though the IUI has been cancelled, I’ve been told I’m not responding, that this is an anovulatory cycle, and every day taking note that my temp. is not doing what it should… I still am hopeful.
Thankful for my amazing husband, supportive family, and our jobs.

IUI #2 Cancelled

I guess I’m not responding to the letrozole (that’s what I’m told anyway). I don’t understand why and haven’t asked yet, but I’ve got a whole slew of questions. I left a message with my IUI monitoring nurse asking about my next steps since it is day 17 and I still haven’t detected a surge. She reviewed my ultrasounds and left me a message back. Her recommendation is to add menopur in addition to the letrozole for my next cycle. Any experiences ladies? Especially if you have low AMH?

I’m afraid that I’m using up more of my few remaining eggs…. yes, I am paranoid. I guess that happens when you are given the diagnosis of “40-year-old ovaries” when you’re only 28. Now 29, and less than two months from 30, I’m wondering if it would be best to push beyond IUI’s and straight to IVF.

Menopur & Letrozole IUI
talk to doc about IVF?

IUI #2 delayed

We used the same protocol for this IUI as the last (letrozole cd 3-7) and I ended up with another no LH surge ultrasound on a Sunday morning. This time, I didn’t have one monster-size follicle that was beginning to ovulate, I had a large number of small ones. My hubby was watching the ultrasound screen I couldn’t see this time and he said he counted around 10-12. There were six larger ones, with the largest of those only being 12 mm. (4 follicles 10 mm each in right ovary; 1 follicle 11 mm and 1 follicle 12 mm in left) They want to see them at least at 18mm before triggering ovulation. With six, they are concerned about multiples, so I will continue using OPKs and will also be monitored over this next week, starting with another ultrasound on Tuesday morning.

Hopefully, a couple of those six take charge and dominate, growing nicely over the next few days so we can have the best chance at success this cycle. It feels so strange to talk about my body like this. There is so much our bodies do while we are oblivious to it all. If only I could go back to being oblivious…

Update: The ultrasound Tuesday morning showed no progress. Lining at 5.8. I get to keep testing and do another ultrasound Thursday. (left ovary: 12mm, 9mm, 9mm – right ovary: 10mm, 10mm)