A breath of fresh air!

We met with a new doctor at a new clinic and it has been so positive already. I understand that confidence in your work doesn’t necessarily mean that you will have success, but it sure provides more hope than dwelling on the negative. I’m so glad we made the change. The new doc. expressed his concern with the lab used for the AMH testing which would explain why my result was 1.0 last October, 1.1 that November, and 0.93 this August – it shouldn’t go up. I had blood drawn yesterday to repeat tests that I had done just a few weeks ago as well as a resting follicle count (which was 17 – up from the 13/14 that the other clinic found a few weeks ago). Monday, I will have a hysteroscopy, a scope to check out my uterus and make sure there is no septum to cause pregnancy complications. If that is all clear, we will move forward with a letrozole IUI cycle next month. 

Finally, a breath of fresh air!

“Everything looks great”

After a visit to the naturopath in June, I began DHEA supplements, Progest progesterone cream, and a number of vitamin supplements (folic acid, iron, chaste tree, glutamine, calcium, magnesium, evening primrose oil, vitamin D, and a very complete prental). I also started Chinese herbs along with my acupuncture visits.

Now, at the end of July, I have a different formulation of herbs and an iodine and tyrosine supplement to add to my daily capsule consumption. The gluten free addition to my diet in June has been a greater challenge than the dairy free and sugar free adjustment last November, but it has been far more influential, so I’m sticking with it – No dairy, gluten, wheat, or sugar for me!

The naturopath says “everything looks great” and she would be surprised if I’m not pregnant in 90 days and looks forward to getting that phone call from me. Another appointment is set for 3 months from now, and I pray that I’ll be giving her that call way before the appointment.


I have asked many questions, searched medical resources, and poured through fertility clinics’ websites. As far as I understand, AMH, the Anti Mullerian Hormone, relates to ovarian reserve – quantity of eggs, response to fertility drugs, and chances of a natural, healthy pregnancy. There appear to be at least two different scales for AMH: from 0-6.8 ng/ml and from 0-48.5 pmol/L. There are also differing opinions on what is determined as low AMH or normal. If you have another AMH scale, post to let me know! I’m intrigued to find out.

I am in the process of understanding the diagnosis of Low AMH. I am also trying acupuncture, herbs, diet, and abdominal massage because I was told there were no treatments to improve low AMH.

Stick with me and I’ll share anything I come across!

Eating for TCM

I mentioned I began a diet to aide Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with herbs from my acupuncturist. To summarize the diet, I avoid eating foods with little nutritional value and opt for nutrient dense foods, focusing on eating whole foods. The first step for me was avoiding white sugar, white flour, white rice, white potatoes, and all dairy. I have exchanged my cow’s milk for rice milk. Almond milk, soy milk, and coconut milk were other options, but I by far preferred the taste of rice milk. From the guidelines, goat’s milk and cheese are okay to eat and I do like to taste of the goat cheese, but I have yet to sample the goat milk.

I avoid processed foods the best I can and have been making my own breads at home using honey instead of sugar and water instead of milk. I have added pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, hazelnuts/filberts, and almonds to my cabinet staples and I try them with my cooked greens. I discovered a love for kale and collard greens when sauteed with red onions, olive oil, and garlic with a few red pepper flakes.

That is another part of the diet: making sure all veggies are at least slightly cooked and not eating anything straight from the fridge. I was told this was so my body didn’t have to expend the energy to warm it before digestion. If that allows my body to focus its energy on keeping me healthy and making a family, it’s a small price to pay.