Day 7: Lining 5.5-5.7, E 5847

Well, my estrogen is really high, but the lining is growing better than it did with the Viagra. The Cialis is being blamed for the full body aches, heartburn, hot hands, hot feet, and swelling. I was warned to be aware of my high estrogen and if I feel excessively emotional (as if I would know what that is), I should contact the office right away. Ha.

So, things are looking as good as they can right now. The lining is in an intermediate stage where they wouldn’t expect to see triple layer organization just yet, but by next Thursday, they would hope to see things getting more organized. We shall see what they say at that point, then we potentially meet with our doc the following Tuesday for the final verdict.

I wish I recorded more details the first time around with baby J. I don’t know what my lining was prior to the day 10 check when it was at 8.6. I know at Day 1 in 2013, E was 62, Day 5 E was 383, and Day 10 E was 1523. Being at 5847 on Day 7 currently and shooting for a longer cycle (26 days rather than 15 days as it was in 2013), I have concerns with how well I can tolerate this high estrogen.

All I know is that I CAN take one day, or one dose, at a time and cope the best I can through the side effects in that moment. I know many prayers and positive thoughts are supporting me through each moment.

Pentoxifylline and Cialis.

I just have to put it out there, because I haven’t found any other account of it.

If you are also experiencing these two, please please comment and share your experience.

These two are not my friends right now, but they are part of my plan to grow a healthy endometrial lining for our upcoming FET.

Last month, I also took Pentoxifylline and suffered from a nasty headache in the migraine territory, accompanied by nausea and dizziness. It lasted about two days, but when I learned to take it WITH food, it seemed to ease up and go away. I was also taking Viagra suppositories last time, so it could’ve been my body adjusting to both of those.

This time, the Viagra suppositories have been replaced by oral Cialis. I don’t know if that makes any difference, but here we are, and I’ve been struggling with all-over aches from my neck to my knees, but mostly moderate to severe aches in my lower back and hips. I finally found sleep last night by sleeping on my stomach. Today, I managed the morning just fine but gave in to some help from Tylenol this afternoon. So. Much. Better.

I have an early ultrasound and blood work in four days, so I’m hoping I can hold on until them or that the aches would subside by then.


I’m just so curious to see if anyone else in on this stuff. I can’t see that there are any studies going on and I always wonder about the long-term results from all these meds. I guess I’m off the standard prescription for IVF and FET patients and I’m now onto the somewhat undocumented stuff. Fun. ha.

I kinda have to psyche myself up for my next dose of fun. Makes surgery not seem like such a bad alternative.

Okay, okay. This will all be good. We will learn from it and I hope these crazy meds will make a beautiful lining together. Which will grow a beautiful baby. Who we can spoil with love and kisses. Can we really be that lucky?

I know little else.

I was REALLY hoping to avoid BC pills this time around. I didn’t use them before my mock cycle and things looked good at the end of that one, so I was hoping to do the same this cycle, but for some reason, I cannot skip those darn pills – eh. They seem worse on me than most of the other meds I’ve ever taken. I’m not a fan.

But, I start BC pills today and stop taking them on the 14th. I start the Lupron on the 10th. My meds this time around will be Cialis (as if Viagra wasn’t curious enough last time), estrace pills, pentoxy, and continuing 1000mg of vitamin E. This is all in addition to my regular stuff taken every day (listed on my timeline).

I feeling very out of control right now, but especially with this cycle. I don’t know what my regimen with meds will be. I don’t know what the results will be. I don’t know if we will do a frozen embryo transfer or go into surgery. I just. don’t. know. (And I didn’t even express any of my concern about the state of education, presidential elections, or where our family will be in five years.)

My amazing friend, my acupuncture therapist, pointed out that I have one job right now: wait. I need to wait. … That’s not fun, but it is liberating. And I know the Lord has a plan for all of US in all of THIS. I can’t imagine what it is, but He brought us our son, and if time were to rewind and our story were to change, we would not have him, so I give God thanks every day.