August 2010 – 27 years old
begin trying to conceive!! (TTC)

September 2011 – Clomid Challenge – 28 years old
100 mg Clomid days 5-9
Day 3: FSH 5.4; E 44.2; AMH 1.0 (low)
Day 10: FSH 4.6; E 976.6 (really high); LH 3.4; Normal TSH
($25 copay, $5 Clomid) ($40 Clear Blue Ovulation Predictor kits)

October 2011
Day 7 Antral Follicle Count – 8 in right ovary, 5 in left ovary – 10 less than an average 28-year-old
Genetic Testing is all Normal; Not a carrier for Fragile-X
($25 copay, $167 ultrasound because of wrong coding, $50 additional lab fee)

Began Mayan Abdominal Massage ($125, $70 tonic & herbs)

November 2011 – repeat
Day 3: FSH 7.2, E 41, AMH 1.1 ($215 testing, $28 additional lab fee)
Abdominal Massage ($85)
Began Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine herbs, and TCM Diet ($25 copay x 5, $40 herbs x 2)

December 2011
HSG: all clear, uterus has slight dip in top ($25 copay, $90 to hospital)
Acupuncture ($25 copay x 7, $40 herbs x 3)

January 2012 – 29 years old
BFP – naturally! First beta (20 DPO) 1842; Second beta (22 DPO) 3493
6 week ultrasound showed baby hiding from the camera with a strong heartbeat at 96 bpm!
Acupuncture ($25 copay x 5)
Ultrasound ($25 copay) Beta Blood tests ($25 x 2)

February 2012
Baby Drew went to heaven at 7 1/2 weeks. Natural miscarriage at 11 weeks.
Acupuncture ($25 copay x 5, $40 herbs)
Ultrasound & Beta Blood test ($25 copay)

March 2012
Ultrasound & Beta Blood test ($25 copay x 2)
Acupuncture ($25 copay, $40 herbs)

April-May 2012
Acupuncture ($25 copay x 3, $40 herbs x 3)

June-July 2012
2 Naturopath appts: ($190 x 2) recommends continuing Prenatal and adding 25 mg DHEA, Evening Primrose Oil, Folic Acid, Chaste tree, Vitamin D, Selenium, Iron, Calcium/Magnesium, Iodine/Tyrosine
Acupuncture ($25 copay x 3) Abdominal massage ($85)

August 2012
Day 3: FSH 6.4, E 85.8 (high), AMH 0.93, MTHFR C677T/C677T, normal TSH, T3, T4 ($425 testing)
AFC: 14 (8 on right, 6 on left)
Exchanged Folic Acid supplement for L-Methyfolate supplement (to treat MTHFR)
Acupuncture ($25 copay x 2, $40 herbs) Abdominal Massage ($85)

September 2012
New clinic; Added low dose aspirin, B6, B12 ($420 consultation)
Day 3: FSH 6.67, E 61, LH 2.53, AMH 1.12, Thyroid antibodies normal, TSH, T3, T4 normal ($395 testing)
AFC: 17 (10 on right, 7 on left)
Hysteroscopy: “Beautiful uterus. No septum at all.” ($330)
Acupuncture ($25 copay) Abdominal Massage ($85)

October 2012
Day 2: Estradiol 92 (with DHEA), Progesterone 0.86, Ultrasound Good (no cycts)
Days 3 – 7 letrozole 5mgs; begin LH tests day 10
Day 14: positive LH surge, ultrasound shows one BIG follicle beginning ovulation
Day 15: IUI (post wash: 54 million total motile, 90% motility)
with Luteal hCG injections ($725 + $59 medication)
Progesterone checks (day 22 55.89 ng/ml; day 25 44.98 ng/ml)
Acupuncture ($25 copay x 2) ($20 Ovulation Predictor kits – cheepies from “Tarjay” didn’t show a clear surge, wouldn’t recommend them)

November 2012
2nd IUI Cycle
Day 3: Estradiol 19 (without DHEA), Progesterone 0.26, Ultrasound Good (no cysts) ($402 tests and ultrasound)
Day 3-7: letrozole 5mgs; begin LH tests day 10 ($40 Clear Blue Digi Ovulation kits); no LH surge by day 13
Day 14: Ultrasound ($167) many small follicles, 6 larger ones with the largest at 12mm – continue LH tests
Day 16: Ultrasound ($167) 5 larger follicles, no bigger than 12 mm – continue LH tests
Day 17: IUI cancelled, not responding to letrozole, anovulatory cycle
Day 21: Ovulation!! (according to basal body temperature)

December 2012
2nd IUI Cycle again
Day 2: Estradiol 95 (without DHEA), Progesterone 0.06, Ultrasound Good (no cysts) ($339.66)
Pharmacy: Letrozole 2.5 mg x2 for 5 days, Menopur 75 units x5 – 75 units/day, HCG ($399.42)
Day 10: Ultrasound 3 follicles @ 22, 20, 15 all right ovary, Triple-layer Lining at 6, Estradiol 683 ($300), HCG trigger 10000 units in 1ml 6:15pm
Day 11: afternoon IUI (post wash: 79 million total motile!!!, 96% motility!!!!)
Day 13, 16, 19: luteal HCG ($59)

January 2013 – 30 years old
no meds, no ultrasounds, & no tests this month
meet with doc about IVF and genetic testing ($40 copay)
chiropractic appointment ($40 copay) acupuncture ($25 copay x 2)
29th: begin birth control pills (Ortho-Novum – no copay!)
30th: bloodwork,(15 vials from me, 5 vials from him), urine sample from me, consent forms and a meltdown (my bloodwork $1745.35; his bloodwork $573.20) – all our bloodwork came back normal, no new blood clotting diagnosis for me!

February 2013
acupuncture ($25 copay x 6), annual exam ($40 copay)
7th: Injection training, Hysteroscopy, Doppler Ultrasound, Trial Embryo Transfer, Financial consult, paid initial IVF payment ($926.50)
12th: stop BC
225 units/day Follistem, 150 units/day Menopur, Saizen ($1500 for Saizen alone),
Complete list coming from pharmacy ($5753.07 – that is with a discount and insurance covering $9.38)
added an additional trigger due to egg health ($75)
14th: “Day One” begin dexamethasone, stop low dose aspirin
15th: dexamethasone and ultrasound with bloodtest: Estradiol 96, paid IVF balance ($14,576.25)
16th-18th: continue dexamethasone, add menopur 150, saizen 0.6, follistim 225
19th: “Day Six” ultrasound with bloodtests: Estradiol 1525; add ganirelex
20th: ultrasound with bloodtests: Progesterone, Estradiol 1813, LH;
21st: “Day Eight” ultrasound with bloodtests: Progesterone, Estradiol 3074, LH
22nd: “Day Nine” ultrasound with bloodtests: Progesterone, Estradiol 3554, LH
23rd: “Day Ten” ultrasound with bloodtests: Progesterone, Estradiol 5168, LH; Nexium, 8:30pm Novarel trigger half dose
24th: Bloodwork, Doxycycline AM & PM, Nexium PM, No food after midnight, stop all other medications today
25th: 8:00am Check-in, 8:30am Egg Retrieval – 17 eggs retrieved, 14 mature
26th: Fertilization Report, Day One – 13 fertilized!
28th: Embryo Update, Day Three – 8 embryos still making progress and 1 embryo that didn’t cleave
Recovery! Ganirelix ($117 + $117 + $326) day of retrieval and 4 days after, Dostinex ($126) day of retrieval and 7 days after

March 2013
2nd: Biopsy & Freeze, Day 5 – we have three frozen embryos! 3 other early blastocysts
3rd: Biopsy & Freeze, Day 6 – we have another frozen embryo! (That makes four!)
8th: AF arrives
9th: PGD results ($1875) – all four embryos are genetically normal!!!!
only one acupuncture visit this month ($25)

April 2013
7th: AF arrives
9th: start 21 days of BC pills
25th: start lupron 10 units and continue through 5/19 – 25 days
prepare for Embryo Transfer (FET meds: insurance covered $461.29 – my cost was $279.43)
acupuncture ($75)

May 2013
acupuncture ($100)
6th: DAY ONE!!! bloodwork (Estradiol 62), ultrasound, doppler to detect blood flow – down from both sides at 5+ (too high) to 3 and less than 3 which is where they want it
14th: Meeting with Doc to talk about recommendations
15th: DAY TEN bloodwork and lining check 8.6 (goal is >8)
16th: begin progesterone in oil
17th: begin medrol and continue for 4 days
21st: Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET), begin prednisone continue through 10 week mark, & Bloodwork: Progesterone 59, Estradiol 690
FET day acupuncture on location at the clinic ($250)
24th: 3dp5dt Bloodwork: Progesterone 79, Estradiol 476
27th: 6dp5dt Bloodwork: Progesterone 121, Estradiol 721
30th: 9dp5dt Bloodwork: Progesterone 131, Estradiol 407, HCG 113
acupuncture ($25 x 5)

June 2013
2nd: 12dp5dt Bloodwork: Progesterone 77, Estradiol 589, HCG 459 = We are pregnant!
Ordered more medication! 2 packs of vivelle (16 patches), 3 vials progesterone in oil, 30 estrace pills, 45 prednisone pills, 20 syringes, 20 needles, and another sharps container – because my first three are full!!! (Insurance paid $190, I paid $56.50)
weekly bloodwork to check estradiol and progesterone levels – goal: progesterone at least 30 and estradiol over 300
6th: Bloodwork: Progesterone 85, Estradiol 471 5 Weeks and Test Results
13th: Bloodwork: Progesterone 69, Estradiol 386 Just Breathe
21st: 7-week ultrasound, measuring 7 weeks 1 day, heartbeat 141, Progesterone 104, Estradiol 553 (more meds, insurance covered $70, I paid $19.53)
27th: Bloodwork: Progesterone 80, Estradiol 614
weekly acupuncture ($25 x 4)
(more meds, insurance covered $46, I paid $33.43)

July 2013
1st: 1st OBGYN appointment 8-week
8th: 9-week ultrasound, measuring 9weeks 3days, heartbeat 174, Bloodwork: Progesterone 93, Estradiol 828 (paid $18 in fees incurred earlier this year and $40 copay)
15th: 10-weeks Graduation from fertility clinic & Bloodwork: Progesterone 55, Estradiol 375 – weaned from all meds
29th: 2nd OBGYN appointment 12-week, heard heartbeat on the doppler

August 2013
11th: Heard heartbeat on at-home doppler!
26th: 3rd OBGYN appointment 16-week, heartbeat in the 150’s, all is well

September 2013
8th: 18 weeks!
16th: 4th OBGYN appointment 19.5-week anatomy scan!

October 2013
3rd: 22 weeks
15th: 5th OBGYN appointment 24-week
25th: Dehydrated – trip to L&D (insurance covered $8.80, we paid $546.14)

November 2013
18th: 6th OBGYN appointment 28-week

December 2013
4th: 7th OBGYN appointment almost-31-week
16th: 8th OBGYN appointment 32-week
30th: 9th OBGYN appointment 34-week

January 2014
13th: 10th OBGYN appointment 36-week
20th: 11th OBGYN appointment 37-week
27th: 12th OBGYN appointment 38-week

February 2014
3rd: 13th OBGYN appointment 39-week
6th: Due Date!
9th: Baby J arrived!
21st: Until next time…

April 2015
10th: Meeting again with Doc – beginning round 2! Blood test results: Estrogen 171, Thyroxine 1.03, Progesterone .45, Prolactin 5.14, TSH 1.46, Vitamin D 37.4
13th: Phone call with blood work results, ultrasound analysis and plan of action, begin 10 days of progesterone supplement to kickstart cycle
22nd: last day of supplement…. waiting

May 2015
4th: Ultrasound and bloodwork, no cycle, so we start BCP! and arrange for more testing
18th: Trial embryo transfer, doppler of blood flow, hysteroscopy, more bloodwork
—-update: results from tests
19th: another ultrasound and meeting with the doc
20th: stop BCP and start 21 days of estrogen – morning and night

June 2015
10th: no more estrogen pills, begin 5 days of prometrium at night
15th: start BCP again
17th: pre-op meeting
24th: surgery to remove uterine scarring, level IV “obliterated” (Asherman’s Syndrome)
25th: begin estrogen in am and pm, along with doxycycline as long as stent is in, ibuprofen for pain, percocet if needed
15th: start BCP again
17th: pre-op meeting

July-October 2015
July 7th: doc removes balloon/stent from uterus (counting down the days!)
Aug 7th: continue estrogen am and pm for 28 days followed by 7 days of progesterone, then repeat
Aug: Longing for a baby
Sept 3rd: “test to cure” follow-up hysteroscopy
9th: Surgery #2 (or #4 if we count the two that caused this situation)
15th: removal of the stent
hormones (21 days of estrogen: estrogen in am and pm, IM injection estrogen twice a week; followed by 7 days of progesterone x 2 months)

November 2015
20th: Doppler, TET (trial embryo transfer), Hysteroscopy, Meet with our doc ($500 bloodwork, $300 meds)
26th: continue BC pills and begin Lupron subQ
30th: last day of BC pills

December 2015
7th: day 1 ($5100) E 42 (2013 FET E was 62)
lots of shots, pills, patches, blood draws and ultrasounds
11th: day 5 – E 224 (2013 FET E was 383)(224 was low so meds are adjusted) Lining was at 6, aiming for at least 8
16th: day 10 – E 899 Lining 6-8 (2013 FET  E was 1523) – FET Cancelled
22nd: FET (frozen embryo transfer) grrrr.
31st: blood draw & ultrasound – start a mock cycle with new meds estrogen 420

January 2016 – project FET 2016 begins
4th: (my 33rd birthday)
5th: blood draw & ultrasound, lining at about 4.5, estrogen 1391
12th: blood draw & ultrasound, lining 5.3, estrogen 841
19th: blood draw, ultrasound, regroup with doc

February 2016 – project FET 2016 continues
1st: begin BC pills, I know little else
10th: begin Lupron
14th: stop BC pills
22nd: Pentoxifylline and Cialis.
26th: early check – how we doin?  E 5847, lining 5.5-5.7

March 2016 – project FET 2016 continues
3rd: E 1962 something, lining still at 5.5-5.7, keepin’ on
8th: E 1773, lining 7.2!!!!! and the verdict
13th: FET eve
15th: FET – 2948 Estrogen, 90 Progesterone
18th: blood draw 2300 E, 57 P (goal is above 300 E and above 30 P)
22nd: blood draw 2300 E, 69 P
23rd: waiting
25th: blood draw and beta, 2300 E, 77P, 36 HCG
28th: blood draw and beta, 2300 E, 68 P, 19 HCG
31st: HCG 3 – weaning off prednisone, stop all other meds

April 2016
1st: meet with the doc
11th: pre-op meeting, E finally low enough to start BCPs
20th: surgery and more meds for 2 months 3 months to build up lining during recovery

May 2016
9th: June Hazel
17th: Almost done with treatment month number one
23rd: 30 Day Cycle
26th: back to meds for month 2

June 2016
25th: hormone therapy month number two, 30 day cycle, second round
29th: back to meds for month 3

August 2016
12th: the plan
18th: cancel that

September 2016
8th: Where am I now? Exactly, what ARE we doing?
16th: E 21, P 0.24
23rd: E 2915
29th: E 2832

October 2016
4th: Bloodwork and Trigger Shot! (finally get to stop Cialis and Pentoxifylline)
10th: Final ultrasound – Cleared for takeoff! (final Lupron dose was last night) lining between 6 and 7
11th: FET 2pm (Acupuncture before and after on site)
12th: Bedrest Day 1 – Be still. E 3358, P 94
14th: Bloodwork E 3191, P 105
18th: Bloodwork E 2100, P 59
21st: Bloodwork E 3300, P 160, HCG 7
24th: Bloodwork E 2400, P 104, HCG 3 – Good night, sweet prince
27th: Infertility – Asherman’s Syndrome

November 2016
My Husband

March: Finding balance
June: The pill.

January 2018
1st: Thankful during the storm.
3rd: Meeting with a new Acupuncturist, meeting a couple times this month $75 each
15th: Regrouping with fertility doc

February 2018
2nd: Begin Estrace PV in AM and PM, 21 days, followed by 7 days provera, then scheduling mock cycle, warm foot baths, warm foods, warm drinks, herbs
11th: acupuncture a couple times this month $75 a pop, continuing through March and April

May 2018
4th: stop BC after starting Lupron on April 30, then the fun begins!
7th: Here I go again, but not on my own!
10th: FET Day One – start estrace, delestrogen M&F, viagra suppositories, and pentoxy
17th: FET Day 8 – lining check: triple layer, 5.8, and acupuncture
22nd: FET Day 13 – Decision Day: 7.3!! and acupuncture this week
29th: FET Transfer Day – Final Embryo: #3 with acupuncture
30th: FET Bed Rest Day 2

June 2018
2nd: 4dp5dt and feeling very “normal”
4th: bloodwork E and P look good, stay the course! 6dp5dt nauseous and crampy
8th: baseline hcg 8dp5dt beta 44
12th: Tuesday – 15dp5dt HCG 439.2
16th: 18dp5dt / 5 weeks 2 days
25th: 27dp5dt / 6 weeks 4 days
28th: ultrasound
29th: updated development: 6 weeks 3 days, 123 bpm

July 2018
3rd: 7 Weeks, 1 Day
9th: 8 weeks – bleh :S
12th: “9 Week” (8 weeks, 3 days, heartbeat 172!) Ultrasound
23rd: 10 Weeks and all the feelings – High-Risk OB appointment

August 2018
7th: 12 week NT Ultrasound and appointment? decided against first tri screening
13th: 13 weeks
20th: 14 weeks – more movement!

Sept 2018
6th: 16 week glucose test (all good!), fifths disease titer test for immunity (I’m immune!), and ultrasound

Oct 2018
4th: 20 week anatomy scan and fetal echo
31st: 24 week ultrasound and doc visit almost 25 weeks

Nov 2018
30th: 28 week ultrasound make that 29 weeks!

Dec 2018
13th: 31 week check-up
28th: 33 week ultrasound

Jan 2019
8th: 34.5 week high risk consult, then hospital stay
11th: 35 week check-up
14th: One percent reflection
18th: 36 week ultrasound & check-up
25th: 37 week ultrasound & check-up

Feb 2019
1st: 38 weeks ultrasound & check-up Baby R is born!
2nd: C Section scheduled, if necessary
14th: Baby R’s Due date!

Supplements I currently use and used through treatment and pregnancy: Food-based Prenatal (Baby and Me 2), DHA, Low dose aspirin, Extra calcium/magnesium/vitamin D combo, Extra Vitamin D, Extra folic acid (methylfolate form), Extra B6 (P-5-P form), Extra B12 (methylcobalamin form)  *After Jan 2016, I added Vitamin E supplements (to aid in healing and blood supply to scarred tissues), which stop just before transfer.

*I also used Wobenzym during 2017 to reduce scar tissue in my uterus (Asherman’s Syndrome) caused by retained placenta and multiple D&C’s to remove it after delivery.

EXPENSES running total prior to IVF $7431.87 plus supplements
running total for Jan.30, 2013 through IVF until August 2013: $27,312.26 plus supplements

I stopped keeping track of expenses after achieving pregnancy and can’t imagine what that number would look like now, after an emergency visit to L&D at 26 weeks, delivery, five surgeries on my uterus, additional hormone therapy and testing, and two failed FETs along with medication, chiropractic care, acupuncture, pelvic floor therapy, etc.

As I look at Preschooler J, Baby R, and my hubby, I know every penny was well spent.

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. raymond1905
    Mar 03, 2013 @ 14:17:47

    High hopes the time, money, and heartache will be worth it!!!!


  2. Aaron
    Apr 04, 2013 @ 11:24:51

    Your journey has not been an easy one but, the best things in life are not easy. Total cliche, I know, but still true :)


  3. Lerissa
    Oct 18, 2013 @ 07:30:28

    What a fantastic timeline. We’re five years TTC, your story is inspiring and brings us hope for out treatment outcomes


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