Decision Day. Lining 7.3!

FET is a go!!

Last week, the ultrasound revealed a triple layer lining at 5.8mm. Today, just five days later, the lining was at 7.3 and our doc felt good about moving forward with the transfer. The human growth hormone was added to my protocol after some new research came out in December of 2017. Maybe it was that. Maybe it was the time off from treatments. Either way, God is in control and whatever happens is for the best. We may not understand it, but He knows better than us.

We trigger tomorrow, then switch to other meds, cutting out the pentoxy, viagra, and vitamin E, adding progesterone every day and hcg shots every couple days for a week. After transfer, I’ll also add lovenox shots. After meeting with my doc today, I did an intralipid infusion. The IV needle is never fun, but it really wasn’t a big deal. The taste of the intralipid is so strange. Why do I taste it when it’s put straight into my blood? Crazy.

Super bloated and craving chocolate. Even had a dream that I ate a deliciously soft, even fluffy chocolate cookie AND a brownie….. with a panic attack soon to follow due to “messing everything up” but then I woke up. Whew. ;) I have the most vivid dreams on IVF meds.


Infertility – Asherman’s Syndrome



Pedal to the metal

The hysteroscopy today revealed an actual uterine cavity which is SO GOOD considering that it didn’t exist before the June surgery. Both fallopian tubes were visible and open. There was a pocket where scar tissue attempted to bind my uterus together again and the area between my fallopian tubes is still covered in scar tissue. Doc says it needs to be done and he can get me in next week.  !!!!!  Okay. That’s fast. I had imagined it would be at least a month before we could get surgery scheduled. That means pre-op is Tuesday (since Monday is a holiday), surgery is Wednesday, balloon stent probably removed the following Tuesday. With this next surgery, doc is going to try a new estrogen regiment and hopes to have great results with just one month of hormone therapy. Then, I get back on the pill and we do another hysteroscopy. He is hopeful that this surgery may be IT and we could be in great shape for our next FET (frozen embryo transfer).

Are we ready for the FET yet? We don’t know. We both really felt that having baby J when we did was perfect timing – not big and pregnant during hot months, not taking an itty bitty baby to daycare (because a friend watched him for seven weeks after my six weeks of maternity leave and one of spring break, then I had all summer break with him), and an FET in the school year would be an extra challenge. It’s hard enough to get out the door in the morning without adding early pregnancy and injections. I just don’t know how I feel about it right now.

I was trying to count today: how many hysteroscopies have I had? I think today was three… actually, four. I didn’t even have pre-hysteroscopy instructions, but I remembered what to do (or not do) anyway.

My man and I are very ready to be done with the surgery part of this path to FET #2 … and ready to be done with the hormones, too, but very thankful to be in so many prayers and the hands of a very skilled surgeon.