Depo Provera

I am not sure why this method of birth control is approved for use.

The first four weeks after my first shot, I was fine. The rest is a different story. After those four weeks, I bled for four weeks, had 1.5 weeks without, then another two weeks of bleeding. I read that spotting was normal, but I had to wear at the very least a liner and change it often during this whole time.

After those first four weeks, I had many other side effects which didn’t make me feel that I was myself. I felt “off” emotionally and psychologically. I also had physical concerns: aches and pains for no good reason, dry eyes and other things, and my vision changed substantially.

My Depo Provera shot was in February, lasting until May, but I didn’t have a period from May until August.

Now, I find out that my ovaries are failing prematurely.

I am told that Depo Provera had nothing to do with it. I have a hard time believing that.

Please don’t do this to yourself.

Learn from my mistake.

Ready for a Family!

August of 2010,
my 29-year-old husband (of 1.5 years) and I, at 27-years-old, decided we were ready to start a family. I had been off any birth control for three months, but had a Depo Provera shot in February (which lasts for 3 months) and it left me feeling really off – my intuition told me that this journey might be different than most (I’ll post more about Depo Provera later). Sixth months post Depo Provera, we began trying to conceive without any success. My periods were regular, between 25 and 29 days each. I exercised regularly and have always enjoyed and valued physical activity (ran cross country in high school along with playing basketball, volleyball and soccer; lifted weights and ran regularly in college; have continued to run, lift weights, and attend fitness classes). I have eaten a healthy diet and maintained my weight – sometimes to a flaw. At one point, I was no longer having my period and after many months and tests, I was prescribed birth control pills to restart my period and I just never stopped taking them out of fear that it wouldn’t work on its own. I have always wanted a family, but I also felt that it was important to get an education and have a career. Here I was with everything in order and babies were not coming…

I lost a dear friend in September 2010,
another in January 2011,
and my grandfather in April 2011.
Throughout the first year of trying to conceive, I have become more stressed, moody and defeated each month. In one word, I am “drained.”

I know that we need to try naturally for at least a year before any doctor will do anything about it.