Decision Day. Lining 7.3!

FET is a go!!

Last week, the ultrasound revealed a triple layer lining at 5.8mm. Today, just five days later, the lining was at 7.3 and our doc felt good about moving forward with the transfer. The human growth hormone was added to my protocol after some new research came out in December of 2017. Maybe it was that. Maybe it was the time off from treatments. Either way, God is in control and whatever happens is for the best. We may not understand it, but He knows better than us.

We trigger tomorrow, then switch to other meds, cutting out the pentoxy, viagra, and vitamin E, adding progesterone every day and hcg shots every couple days for a week. After transfer, I’ll also add lovenox shots. After meeting with my doc today, I did an intralipid infusion. The IV needle is never fun, but it really wasn’t a big deal. The taste of the intralipid is so strange. Why do I taste it when it’s put straight into my blood? Crazy.

Super bloated and craving chocolate. Even had a dream that I ate a deliciously soft, even fluffy chocolate cookie AND a brownie….. with a panic attack soon to follow due to “messing everything up” but then I woke up. Whew. ;) I have the most vivid dreams on IVF meds.


And I thought my medicine cabinet was full before…

Here it is! The complete list of medication and other stuff coming from the pharmacy bringing this bill to $5753.07 with insurance covering a whopping $9.38 – oh yeah, and they covered the BC pills, too.


Medication SIG Quantity Refill Substitution
Dexamethasone 1 mg – Tablets 1 PO Q am, start 2/14/13 15 0  
Doxycycline 100 mg – Tablets 1 po BID x 6 days, start after trigger 12 0  
Ganirelix 250mcg Prefilled Syringe — mcg – Injection Start when directed in the evening, SQ 5 1 DAW
Menopur 75 IU – Injection Inject 150 IU SQ qAM, start 2/16/13. 20 1 DAW
Syringe 3cc 22g 1.5 in — N/A – N/A To mix Menopur, Saizen, Novarel 30 1 DAW
Needle 27g 1/2″ — N/A – N/A To inject Menopur, Saizen 30 1 DAW
Novarel 10000 IU – Injection “Trigger injection” take as directed 1 0 DAW
Follistim Pen Device — N/A – N/A To inject Follistim 1 0 DAW
Follistim AQ 900IU Cartridge . IU – Injection Inject 225 IU SQ qAM, start 2/16/13. Keep refrigrated. 2 1 DAW
Follistim AQ 300IU Cartridge — IU – Injection Inject 225 IU SQ qAM, start 2/16/13. Keep refrigrated. 2 1 DAW
Needle Disposal System — N/A – N/A Use as directed 1 0 DAW
Nexium 40 mg – Capsule 1 PO qPM, start with trigger 2 0  
Saizen 8.8 mg – Vial Inject 0.6mL SQ qAM, start 2/16/13. Refrigerate once mixed. 2 0 DAW
Tylenol #3 30 mg – Tablets 1-2 tabs po q3-4 hr prn pain after egg retrieval. 18 0  
Needle 27g 1 1/4″ . None – Injection UAD IM FOR TRIGGER 2 0 DAW