What I Eat

Over the past 14 months, I have adjusted what I eat a few times. I made HUGE changes November of 2011 eating for Traditional Chinese Medicine, taking herbs along with acupuncture. After following that plan for 7 months, I made another change.

I met with a naturopath who recommended I continue to steer clear of dairy but that I also stay away from gluten and wheat. I started that very day and noticed changes after three days. My mind cleared up. I could follow a whole conversation without losing focus. I started to “get” jokes. I know, it doesn’t sound like that big of a deal, but for me, it is worth the adjustment. I have experimented with adding it back into my diet (once was accidental) and I end up with a nasty stomach ache.

After staying away from dairy for over a year, I began adding it back. The result? Abdominal pain. Sad day.

I also adjusted my vitamins. The naturopath suggested I begin a whole slew of supplements which led me to buying a weekly pill organizer with a separate area for AM and PM doses. Some of which were chaste, evening primrose oil, vitamin D, calcium/magnesium, and DHEA in addition to a four-pill-a-dose prenatal.

I have stopped the chaste and DHEA. I felt the DHEA was making my scalp burning hot and sensitive. I also felt that I was losing much more hair than normal when I began the IUI cycles. My scalp is significantly less sensitive and the excessive hair loss has let up. Due to my MTHFR homozygous c677t diagnosis, I have added folate but not folic acid.

I changed my prenatal to a food-based vitamin so the folate is food-based so it is more easily used. I have added an additional folate as methylfolate, b-12 as methylcobalamin, and b-6 as p-5-p (pyridoxal-5′-phosphate). All these forms of b vitamins are more easily used.

So, for the question “what DO you eat?”
I eat anything I want whenever I want. I just avoid dairy, gluten, and wheat. Yes, I also avoid processed foods (including caffeine and sugar) as much as possible, too.

Is it worth it?
If my health and happiness isn’t worth it, what is?


“Everything looks great”

After a visit to the naturopath in June, I began DHEA supplements, Progest progesterone cream, and a number of vitamin supplements (folic acid, iron, chaste tree, glutamine, calcium, magnesium, evening primrose oil, vitamin D, and a very complete prental). I also started Chinese herbs along with my acupuncture visits.

Now, at the end of July, I have a different formulation of herbs and an iodine and tyrosine supplement to add to my daily capsule consumption. The gluten free addition to my diet in June has been a greater challenge than the dairy free and sugar free adjustment last November, but it has been far more influential, so I’m sticking with it – No dairy, gluten, wheat, or sugar for me!

The naturopath says “everything looks great” and she would be surprised if I’m not pregnant in 90 days and looks forward to getting that phone call from me. Another appointment is set for 3 months from now, and I pray that I’ll be giving her that call way before the appointment.