Biopsy & Freeze, Day 6

We have one more frozen embryo! Our fourth embryo turned into a great blastocyst today, so they added another to our three. We will have results from our biopsies in the next couple weeks. They will call us once they get emailed results from the testing center.

Here is the “play-by-play” from Trigger Day to Day 6:

Trigger Day: 32 follicles larger than 9mm

Egg Retrieval: 17 eggs retrieved, 14 are mature

Day 1: 13 fertilized

Day 3: 8 looked good, 1 didn’t cleave

Day 5: 3 good blasts, 3 early blasts, 1 compacted morula

Day 6: 1 good blast (plus 3 frozen blasts from day 5)

IVF Day 12, Egg Retrieval Day!

Retrieval went very well this morning. 17 eggs were retrieved and 14 of them appeared mature. We will get a fertilization report tomorrow.

Moving around and sitting on anything other than the recliner is not comfortable. I may be here a while. 

Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers! Feeling very blessed and thanking God. Through Him, all things are possible.