Embryo Testing

Today, I received the paperwork with our PGD Chromosome Aneuploidy Screening. Our four embryos tested on day 5, B quality blastocysts (this was reported from our embryologist at our clinic), all had 46 chromosomes. They are listed in a “confidence” level, meaning “*the confidence for a chromosome call is an estimate of the probability that the call is correct.” Each chromosome has a percentage to show the confidence of each. Our embryos all rate 95% and above for every chromosome. I’m not quite sure what all this means just yet. We have an appointment with our doc on May 14 and we can ask more questions. There is a notation that says “*confidences < 85% for chromosomes where aneuploidy could result in a liveborn are flagged” which I guess means that above 85% should be considered a relatively trustworthy result. I’m so glad and feeling so extremely blessed that these results came out this way. I had no idea what to expect. Even though I am impatient beyond reason at this point, I am thankful that we had the guidance to move forward with this testing. It has given me a peace of mind that I would have otherwise been lacking. *These statements are taken directly from the results page from Natera.