33 weeks – polyhydramnios?

33 weeks and 1 day today, baby measuring 35-36 weeks except for his thigh bone which measures just a little over 33 weeks. Ultrasound tech estimates he is 5 lbs 7 oz. I’m up 34 lbs total, about 5 lbs since the last checkup. There is a lot of amniotic fluid. So much that it’s off the charts = polyhydramnios. Doc didn’t seem worried but the Google results are not very uplifting. I’m hoping all the sugar over the week-long Christmas and 17 plus hours in the car contributed to high amniotic fluid levels and all will be normal when I check in again in three weeks (or sooner if I’m miserable, which is what it sounds like I will be with all this extra fluid).

Anyone have experience with this? I’d love to hear your stories.

Just feeling big and tired over here. Got the Tdap shot so baby can benefit. I have one more week of winter break before I go back to my classes, then three shows before 39 weeks, so I’m hoping baby and body cooperate and none of the potential side-effects of polyhydramnios come to fruition.

6 weeks til 39 weeks!

AND just a week until I’m 36 years old.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


31 weeks today

Another OB appointment. All is well! Baby has a good heartbeat and belly still measures 4 weeks ahead (35).

I learned there is no reason to stop my low dose aspirin before delivery, so I shall keep on with that. Weight was 148 today around 4:30pm.

The bubbly or water drop feeling I’m having on my right side is probably a nerve stretching and sending funny signals to my brain.

That’s what I learned today!

Other than feeling big and tired, all is well.

29 weeks!

Belly measures 33 weeks.

Baby is two weeks ahead himself, measuring to be 3 lbs 12 oz.

Our due date is now what it was at FET, 2/14/19 (three to four days earlier than originally set at our earlier ultrasounds) and I have set wheels in motion to induce on Monday, 2/11/19… if baby “Dinosaur” (as he was named by his older brother J) doesn’t decide to arrive before then.

I didn’t realize I was already in trimester three, nor that I was at the end of month 7! How is it possible that time is passing so quickly? I’m not upset by it but just surprised. In 10 weeks, we will be celebrating J’s 5th birthday and probably Dinosaur’s, too! Today, getting a sneak peek of his face, brought tears to my eyes. He looks just like J. I’m sure he will be very different because it would be too easy if he and J were alike in too many ways.

Dinosaur’s room is ready for the most part. We’ve been lucky to have such generous people send diapers our way as their littlest ones have outgrown them. We should be stocked for a few months as we will use cloth for the majority of the time.  We also have all of J’s blankets, socks, onesies, and such cute little outfits. With both boys being born in (or close to) February, he should be set for every season for a few years. What a great thing. With all the financial burden of fertility treatments and surgeries, it’s a blessing to have more than we need on this side.

And, no, I don’t believe “Dinosaur” will be the final name on the birth certificate. While we haven’t decided on a name yet, I look forward to the opportunity. It’s such a big responsibility. I know the right name will be there when it is time.


almost 25 weeks

A couple days ago, we had our 24 week ultrasound and visit with the doc. All is well! Baby measured 6 days ahead! So, my plan to not go past 39 weeks is more than reasonable. We didn’t get any pictures this time because he wouldn’t give us any face… just the back of his head and lots of leg. Fluid level looks good, too.

I did learn from my doc that I’ll do a repeat of the glucola test for gestational diabetis even though I passed at 16 weeks. We’ll do that at 28 weeks, then the TDAP shot at 32. Hubby, J and I all got flu shots on the same day a couple weeks ago, so hopefully we won’t get to go through that again like we did in January with them. Somehow, I avoided it. Thanks, God!

Weight gain: I’m up 20 lbs. which is on par with my pregnancy with J. Belly size measures right where it should be and is low and straight out in front, just like with J.

I spoke with the doc about my hair loss as it’s pretty extreme. She said that if my hemoglobin is normal, then iron deficiency/anemia isn’t an issue. She ordered a TSH test which came back normal as I suspected it would (because it always has). My only other thought if I’m not anemic is it might be a side effect of estrogen on my body. Any other time I’ve been on estrogen medication, I’ve lost hair, especially when it got high. I lost hair when I was pregnant with J, too, and nothing was discovered at that time either. Strange. Open to any suggestions. Maybe I’ll just shave my head. ;)

This week, hubby got to feel baby kick for the first time and J finally did today! J and I saw baby move on my tummy for the first time together. That was pretty fun!

22 weeks – I’m not “that” girl…

I’m not “that” girl who gets offended by anyone commenting about my pregnant body. I know it’s totally changing, face, fingers, toes, and definitely tummy! I’m pretty thrilled to get to do this again, yet still surprised it’s actually happening again.

I’m not “that” girl who gets upset when people rub or touch my baby belly. It’s basically like a women’s basketball under my shirt and it tends to bump into or rub on just about anything I try to squeeze by anyway.

I’m not “that” girl who works-out during pregnancy. Really wish I was. Turns out, carrying an extra 15 lbs with loosening joints is a lot of work. I am doing squats and lunges and some arm weights whenever I think about it, but nothing consistent or even close to resembling a work-out.

I’m also not “that” girl who you could easily recognize when pregnant. My face kinda blows up, specifically nose, lips and cheeks – weird, I know. I’m just hoping to keep my jaw in line as it went WAY out of wack last time and took a lot of therapy to chew again. I didn’t recognize my own face after delivering my first son. I don’t expect that anyone else would either.

Why even say any of this? If anyone reads about the opinions or concerns of pregnant women, it would just appear that all pregnant women are upset anyone ever acknowledges they are actually pregnant! I’m definitely pregnant. I’m definitely different and still changing by the day (bump-size at least). I may be a little concerned about the after-effects on my body, but to have the chance to carry and raise a baby, I’d give just about anything.

It’s taken me a while, but I believe I’m actually starting to get to the “fat and happy” part. I don’t know what’s held me down (anxiety, IVF hormone let-down, trauma from other losses, just being too busy) but I’m glad to be getting closer to connecting with our new babe and celebrating the miracle that is life.

20 weeks — whoa-oh! we’re halfway there!

So thankful! Everything looked good today. Right anterior placenta that reaches across that side probably explains why I feel little to no movement most days.

We saw four chambers in the heart, three vessels in the umbilical cord, different parts of the brain measured, along with large arm bones, thickness at back of neck, saw an empty bladder, then full tummy, kidneys, followed by a full bladder, one hand behind head, one over his boy parts, and legs straight up over his head. He kept his chin tucked pretty tightly into his tummy. Cervix length is good. No placenta issues noticed. Good margins between uterine wall and placenta. No scar tissue noticed. No growth restriction.

I keep wondering, how is this actually possible?

How did I have no uterus, severe Asherman’s syndrome, no endometrial lining building on its own, one day of light periods, and yet, here we are?

I guess it’s just God stuff. One day, we will understand.

One day, we will know why both embryo babies transferred in 2016 didn’t have the same fate as this one. One day, we will understand how lucky we actually are to get this life.

16.5 weeks – and there’s a baby in there!

Through the ultrasound today, there were no concerns identified. Fluid level was more than double what they like to see. Cervix looked good. Placenta didn’t appear to be invading inappropriately. How strange would it be if after all these surgeries and all the struggle with scar tissue, that we wouldn’t actually suffer any of the typical problems from scar tissue during pregnancy? I can pray.

“Dinosaur” (as named by Preschool J) was pretty chill. Only stretching out a leg and rolling away from the doppler when we tried to hear his heart. Preschool J joined us at the ultrasound today. We had his portable dvd player along for the visit as he’s not a fan of sitting still, but loves a good movie. He looked up and remarked how cool it was then went right back to his movie. He did say that Dinosaur was waving his foot at us and that he wanted to come out. !!!! Um, no, not yet, he’s only the size of a baked potato, we told him. :)

While I told my co-workers about our glorious news around 13 weeks, I have held off announcing to students. The cloud over my head of “I don’t want to tell them and have to un-tell them” kept me from sharing and also kept me hiding my baby belly as much as possible. I’m relieved to share our secret (I’m not a fan of keeping secrets) and also wear more of my clothes.

Other than a secondary sinus infection on top of the viral infection that I still have from four weeks ago, I’m feeling pretty good. No more nausea, but definitely getting achy in my hips and belly near the end of the day. All is well. It’s all worth it. Preschool J frequently kisses or rubs my belly and says, “I love you baby brother.”

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