The official 35 week check-up

Today, I met with doc for our official 35 week check-up. Belly measured 40 weeks, cervix “tight as a drum” (which is good since we don’t want baby coming yet), got specifics on bedrest guidelines (laying or reclining for 1.5-2 hours at a time with 45 min. light work in between), baby is still breech, and doc has evidently changed his mind on the delivery day. His first reaction was to deliver no later than 37 weeks, but today he told me 38 weeks and that he was booking a c-section time for that day. He won’t continue the procardia to calm contractions after 36 weeks and that may be a deciding factor in that we may not make it to 38 or even 37 weeks if my contractions pick up and progress as they did the other day. So we will roll with it all.

I contacted my acupuncturist who said he may be able to help with the position of baby, so I will see him Sunday. With my belly already being at 40 weeks, doc said I’m only going to get bigger and more miserable. Fun!

I’m off work now until baby arrives, then my maternity leave starts. I’m just starting to get all the work stuff sorted out – cancelling things, rescheduling, having other people move things to appropriate places for my substitutes, and trying to breathe and let it go. All will be fine. I know.

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  1. Karen Carlson
    Jan 12, 2019 @ 10:16:15

    You are doing a fabulous job! I’m so proud of you!!! We continue to pray for you and baby knowing that the Lord is carrying you along.


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