almost 25 weeks

A couple days ago, we had our 24 week ultrasound and visit with the doc. All is well! Baby measured 6 days ahead! So, my plan to not go past 39 weeks is more than reasonable. We didn’t get any pictures this time because he wouldn’t give us any face… just the back of his head and lots of leg. Fluid level looks good, too.

I did learn from my doc that I’ll do a repeat of the glucola test for gestational diabetis even though I passed at 16 weeks. We’ll do that at 28 weeks, then the TDAP shot at 32. Hubby, J and I all got flu shots on the same day a couple weeks ago, so hopefully we won’t get to go through that again like we did in January with them. Somehow, I avoided it. Thanks, God!

Weight gain: I’m up 20 lbs. which is on par with my pregnancy with J. Belly size measures right where it should be and is low and straight out in front, just like with J.

I spoke with the doc about my hair loss as it’s pretty extreme. She said that if my hemoglobin is normal, then iron deficiency/anemia isn’t an issue. She ordered a TSH test which came back normal as I suspected it would (because it always has). My only other thought if I’m not anemic is it might be a side effect of estrogen on my body. Any other time I’ve been on estrogen medication, I’ve lost hair, especially when it got high. I lost hair when I was pregnant with J, too, and nothing was discovered at that time either. Strange. Open to any suggestions. Maybe I’ll just shave my head. ;)

This week, hubby got to feel baby kick for the first time and J finally did today! J and I saw baby move on my tummy for the first time together. That was pretty fun!

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Karen Carlson
    Nov 03, 2018 @ 13:38:25

    Fabulous news!


  2. rose
    Nov 03, 2018 @ 14:44:07

    So happy for all of you. Hair not fun but hope also not serious & that it grows back.


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