14 weeks – more movement!

And we are 14 weeks, officially in the second trimester! Last week, I was feeling great and eating everything and anything. Just yesterday, I started smelling things that were much more offensive (totally normal things that all of a sudden didn’t smell normal). This morning, nausea returned and I sit here, now, not wanting to make anything at all for supper because, well, it’s all gross (says my nausea).

This little one has been moving away! I’m surprised by how much I feel the movements. Sometimes it a pressure push-back, sometimes more of a roll, and every once in a while, a firm kick. I don’t remember this happening so certainly with J, but I guess it is easier now that I know what I’m feeling and not blaming it all on gas.

Gas, by the way, is not fun. Makes me sympathize with babies when gas makes them so uncomfortable and fussy. Gas :(

Other symptoms: aches and pains in my lower abdomen (probably stretching things), no idea when my bladder is full except that I’m crampy/uncomfortable/can’t sleep, still tired all the time all the time, and belly is making kids ask and adults curious even with baggy shirts.

I believe I’m finally on the tail end of the viral sinus infection I’ve been managing for a week and a half. Things I learned: the nasal rinse bottles help a lot, as does Flonase, and numbing lozenges for those sore throats. I have a feeling I’ll be nasal rinsing for the rest of this pregnancy. ;)

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