My husband

I am so lucky he called me back after I left him such a silly message nearly 12 years ago. I’m so glad he waited for me at the altar nearly 8 years ago. I have to believe that when I met him, someone else had it all planned. Someone else knew what was best for me (and him, too) and made things work out so we would be stronger than ever. Strong enough to get through our diagnosis, our losses, failed cycles, and lots and LOTS of hormones (IUI, IVF, pregnancy, nursing, hormone therapy, etc.).

He is my comic relief to pull me out of the mud, my compass to keep my heart set on what really matters, and he always reminds me that I can’t control everything (so it’s not always my fault and to be kinder to myself).

I don’t often mention him, his strength, his humor/personality, brilliance, talent, or his handsomeness… He is my other half and has not only survived my storms but helped me survive them, too.

He will probably never read this but I want everyone to know about him and his love and faith in us.

To him: You are my sweetheart. Thank you. I love you.


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  1. Amy
    Jan 25, 2017 @ 18:17:14

    I wish u long lasting happiness with ur amazing caring husband. That’s really touching and sweet :)))) May god bless u and ur little family :)) BTW i don’t want u to loose hope, because even if u’re completely normal with no asherman’s and no low amh, u only have a 25-30% chance of ivf success each cycle u try, so there may be nothing wrong with u, if i were u i would give it another try. Wish u the best of luck!!


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