30 day cycle

Well, this is the heaviest menstrual cycle I can ever remember having, aside from after delivering baby J, the post-surgery hemorrhage and miscarriages. The last cycle was 30 days long, 21 days of estrogen therapy starting the day after surgery with an additional 7 days of progesterone.

While the heavy cycle is atypical, it is good news considering that building a good thick lining has been a challenge for me since discovering the Asherman’s issue last year. Maybe this fifth surgery has provided the space needed to grow a healthy lining OR the Chinese herbs I took starting one week after surgery this time made a difference. Either way, I’m pretty optimistic.

I look forward to sharing this positive change with my IVF nurse and acupuncturist. I have such a great team of professionals working for us.

On another topic, I watched “The Fault in Our Stars” today. Bawled. Of course. But it was a powerful movie.

I don’t know when or where this chapter in our story will end, but when it does, I know the three of us have enough love to find happiness, regardless of the outcome.


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  1. Lauren
    May 30, 2016 @ 14:31:40

    Oh, friend! Hang in there! I bled so heavy in the couple of months before this successful cycle. I think it is great news! Our bodies building linings and cleaning out everything old… Praying you enjoy this summer and are distracted enough to not stress too much over all the injections and suppositories. I was doing six of them daily for a long time, and I agree with you – yuck! Still, all so worth it for our babies.


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