One of Three.

Well, here I am, 21 days of estrogen therapy (2mg estrace suppositories morning and night with injections twice a week) followed by 5 days of progesterone (provera) and I have just two more of that. My cycle should start any day, then we get to start round two of the same treatment. Doc would like to see me go through three months of treatment before we try another transfer cycle.

Every time I start provera, I think my cycle will start like clockwork. The waiting for the starting seems to take forever, because I’m not really awaiting anything, just the end of this cycle. There is no reward or excitement. Unless you find suppositories exciting… not I. It has been nice to only have to swallow the provera once a day instead of twice a day suppositories and twice a week injections. To those of you that have more than two suppositories a day, wow! You are a trooper! I’d rather do injections than do that. Lucky me, I get both. Ha.

We have other exciting things happening, moving to a house closer to work and in a wonderful neighborhood next weekend, my mom’s 60th birthday, plans to visit friends and family this summer, and we are in the last week of school until August. Good stuff.

Toddler J is keeping us busy and challenging us greatly with his independent spirit. His sweet moments are overwhelmingly sweet. Those moments amaze us. Of course, there are other amazing moments when he decides to communicate very clearly what it is he wants or sees/hears/smells/tastes. We often look in awe at him.




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