A spoonful of sugar.

The ultrasound on Dec. 31 revealed a rather large cyst on one ovary, but the bloodwork revealed that it was only producing estrogen, not progesterone, so my doc gave the all-clear to begin medication for our mock cycle. Nothing like dropping another $500 plus just one week after Christmas for a cycle that will only end with a regroup with our doc (no transfer, no possible pregnancy).

Here’s the scoop: Acupuncture, viagra suppositories am and pm (yes, viagra, I KNOW, RIGHT!!), estrace am and pm, Pentoxil am and pm, vitamin E 1000 units, and DelEstrogen shot IM twice a week. That is in addition to the prenatal and low dose aspirin in the morning, B vitamins at lunch, and calcium and vitamin D in the evening. The goal of the new medication is to increase blood flow to the uterus in hopes of improving the damaged lining and getting rid of the fluid.

My parents came to visit over New Year’s and showered us with lots of sweets, gifts, and most of all, love. They loved up baby J and did their best to lift our spirits. After the first day of meds, I went down for the count with a headache, stomachache, sensitivity to light/sound, and a little bit of dizziness. They were here to help my husband prepare supper, play with J, and get the kitchen back in order. Two days later, I’m still feeling a little uncertain with my stomach, but I’m confident it will fade as my body adjusts to this new medication plan.

Yesterday, I returned to acupuncture. She is so good at what she does and really takes care of me. She shared her optimism as she has helped other women in similar circumstances. I have forgotten how much acupuncture does for me. I’m so glad my doc recommended it along with the new meds.

I’m interested to know if there is anyone else diagnosed with Asherman’s who had successful transfers or, at least, experience with these meds. I’d love to hear what they learned and where they are now.

This week, I learned that we may be at the end of what traditional medicine can do for us. We may only (and gratefully) be a family of three, but there is a lot of good in our life. We have a lot of wonderful right here right now. Loving and supportive families. A strong relationship. Ability to pay our bills and have some “fun money” also. Baby J who is thriving and brings us joy every day. I just need to remember all of that “sugar” to “help this medicine go down” and I need to let myself enjoy the wonderful, too.


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