Day 1.

All systems go.

Ultrasound today checked lining and ovaries. No cysts. Lining is thin. Blood draw to check estrogen came back acceptable, so medications begin. Continuing Lupron, baby aspirin, folate, P5P (B6), methylcobalamin (B12), prenatal, vitamin D, calcium, and fish oil. Adding pills and patches for estrogen.

Another ultrasound and blood draw on Friday.

Hesitantly excited.

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  1. Lauren
    Dec 07, 2015 @ 22:51:12

    I’m not sure how I missed this, but sounds like you are headed for a transfer soon?!?! We need to catch-up! Congratulations!


    • There Is A Chance
      Dec 08, 2015 @ 15:05:08

      Yep. It was either FET or stay on hormone therapy until next summer. I was ready to quit the hormone therapy, so we decided to try again rather than throw in the towel. Yes, we do need to catch up.


      • Lauren
        Dec 08, 2015 @ 19:28:09

        Most definitely! We are actually in a similar place. I started BC, as my cysts are causing so much pain. However, I’m pretty miserable on BC. Tentatively, we have a transfer scheduled for the end of March :) You guys are still ahead though! So amazing! Congrats!

      • There Is A Chance
        Dec 08, 2015 @ 20:23:46

        I’m so sorry you have to endure all the pain of cysts and top it off with BC. My body doesn’t agree with BC either – evil clone emerges. Hopefully we both have success this time around and have new babes at the same time again!

  2. dontcryrainbow
    Dec 08, 2015 @ 12:48:10

    Hi, I know you don’t know me and this is my first time commenting but I just wanted to let you know that I’m reading and that I’m hoping for you so hard!


  3. maternalstateofmind
    Dec 11, 2015 @ 15:40:21

    Oh my goodness!!! How exciting! Cant wait to follow your journey!


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