None shall pass.

None shall pass.

Today, the trial embryo transfer was a no go. The catheter went only so far and the internal ultrasound revealed some tissue in the way, but everything beyond that looked great! The first time I had the Doppler test to check blood flow, my numbers were over 5 and they wanted them closer to 3. That time, I did get my numbers down close to 3 with acupuncture and diet changes, but this time, my numbers were a little over and a little under 2 – even without acupuncture (though I do miss it)! Woohoo!

Then came the hysteroscopy which we knew was only going so far and, sure enough, we got a great picture of what looked like a shallow belly button (not really a belly button, but that’s what it looked like). Evidently, after my second surgery to remove my placenta 6 weeks after delivery, the two walls of my uterus (just past the cervix) healed together when they should’ve stayed separated. I meet with my doc tomorrow to establish a game plan and set our date for surgery.

Strangely, I’m comforted in knowing there is a diagnosis (Asherman’s syndrome), treatment (surgery), and a confident team of doctors on my side!

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  1. Lauren
    May 20, 2015 @ 10:07:15

    Wonderful news! Oh, this is feeling so very real…💗


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