3 days to FET

All in a day:

band rehearsal – check;

homemade breakfast burritos for lunch – check;

acupuncture – check;

pedicure with a good friend and coworker – check;

oh yeah, and lots of meds – check.

My transfer time caused complications for the acupuncture treatment at the clinic, so other schedules were manipulated to accommodate my transfer time, then my time changed and schedules had to be adjusted again. I had everything ready at work, then somebody cancelled on me and I’m still working to find a replacement. I have faith that it will all work. It always does. It might not be exactly the way I originally planned it, but we’ll get there. We’ve come this far and we aren’t stopping here. Life is good. We are good. PIO sucks, but that’s not new news. I just hobble around really unattractively at the moment and it gives us something to laugh at.



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