…When You’re Waiting…

Sometimes you wish it would never come and sometimes it just can’t get here fast enough… of course, this is EVERYTHING you want when you’re waiting for it. 

Our IVF cycle is on hold until “AF” comes. Even though I usually dread this time of the month because it bookmarks another failed attempt to conceive, this month it is the only thing holding us back.  We’ve had lots of things to keep us busy this month (house projects, my birthday, his birthday, busy times at work) but I still feel the days lazily dragging on.

I am realistic that IVF is never a guarantee and that our huge financial gamble could end in disappointment, but the one thing it will provide either way is an answer. We’ll get an answer for all the questions (why? why not? what if?) and we can begin to move forward according to the answer we receive. We can start actively moving forward again, trying something new, or getting on with the rest of our life.

Looking back on all this, I know it will all seem relatively brief, the money well spent, and the frustration and pain overwhelmed with many happy memories … but that seems a long ways away when you’re waiting.


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  1. asgreen
    Jan 25, 2013 @ 12:52:48

    I completely agree. I just finished another IVF cycle and we decided to freeze the embryos. I have DOR and my doctor is worried about us having a second child. It is sometimes hard to think about since we haven’t been lucky enough to have one yet.

    I am waiting for AF to come so we can start another IVF cycle hopefully this time with a transfer. The waiting is rough either way.


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