Okay, I was intending to tell a story of an “oops” today with this title, but now that it is there, it also represents another wish…

First, IUI #1 Done. Our post-wash motile count was 54 million!!! They said they like to see it above 10-12. 

Upon inserting the AI tube, my cervix was being stubborn, so there was a bit of extra work for our doc today. Oh, my ultrasound yesterday showed a 29mm follicle on my left. Is there any way to direct the supreme sample that way? No, but with numbers like his, there will be plenty going both ways. AI done and egg timer set for 10 minutes with hips propped up. Trying to relax.

Here comes the first “stick.” Afterwards, we went into another room to have the luteal HCG injection instruction. We draw the fluid up and change needles. As I’m taking the cap off the new needle, I stick myself in the thumb. Great. Good thing my hubby was there to learn and practice. I was embarrassed and couldn’t believe I did that. He, however, was not surprised. 

The second “stick”? I’m praying we conceived in that office this morning and that we have a healthy baby in 9 months. Stick, baby, stick!



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  1. Erin
    Oct 16, 2012 @ 06:40:42

    Oooo so exciting. Hope this works!


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