It seems that I am not to have any control or plan how anything will go in this process. Today, I showed up early for my hysteroscopy as I was required to do. I provided the urine sample as required, undressed, waited in the exam room with my husband as I was instructed.
Then, the nurse returns and says there is a change of plans. The sample I provided was for a pregnancy test they always do before a hysteroscopy and it showed a faint line on the test.
Yes, I just had a normal period. Yes, I’ve been temping and it dropped as expected right before said period.
So, off to do a blood test and wait for results. Hysteroscopy cancelled.

Three hours later, test is negative (of course) and now I need to reschedule.

I’m reminding myself to breathe, pray, and smile. The surprises are endless.


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