Number Fixation

So I am pregnant. Excited! Thrilled!
… and yet, the clinic has number fixation. First, my AMH was low, now I prove their 1% odds wrong and get pregnant. They do betas and are fixated on how HIGH the numbers are…. but from what I have read, they are not that high. They appear to be right in the normal zone. Because of these “high” numbers, they want to do a 6 week ultrasound to check if it is ectopic or if there are multiples. I have had no bleeding whatsoever, no cramping beyond constipation and gas, nothing to worry about right? I plan on calling my OB tomorrow to see if this is standard or if the clinic is just trying to squeeze a little more out of us before they return us to the OB.

hCG Beta on Day 20 past ovulation: 1842 (should double every 48 hours)
hCG Beta on Day 22 past ovulation: 3493
Looks great to me!

I think I’m just going to enjoy being pregnant and not worry about their numbers – be they high or low!

P.S. I called my OB and they say this is normal for them to want to keep an eye on things before they transfer me over to my OB.

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  1. Erin
    Jan 20, 2012 @ 19:02:10

    HCG is usually low with ectopic,not high.Congrats!!!


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